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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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now you know the news for this wednesday, september the 4th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. back tomorrow. noon pacific, 3:00 eastern. and back here tomorrow night. mr. bill is in the wings and he is fired up. >> shepard: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> could you describe the dilemma to be a nobel peace prize winner and getting ready to attack syria? >> now, some are thinking barack obama is a warmonger. yes, that barack obama. we'll continue our analysis of the very confusing syria situation. >> spectators to slaughter nor our country or conscience can afford the cost of silence. >> is there tension between secretary of state kerr i can't understand the president? we'll have the inside story with james rosen. >>
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also tonight accusations that a michigan state professor is browbeating his students with radical left rhetoric. we will tell you all about that caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. dueling agendas over syria. that is the subject tonight's talking points memo. syria. that talking post bill o' might want to check it out. many americans are confused over the issue because it is a complicated mess. just to sum up, i believe there is year whelming evidence that the syrian tyrant assad did gas including children. i believe if the u.s.a. does does nothing about that that will embolden our enemy and lead to nastier
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things down the road. that is speculation. there is no doubt that people like putin and the mullahs in iran belie that president obama is weak and so is america in general. now, you don't start military action to prove you are not weak. that's foolish. but, since world war ii. america has been the moral force in the world. even though we have made tactical mistakes that are damaged the nation. the truth is it would be much easier for the country not to get involved with syria. in the short run, that would be a much safer strategy. but, in the long run, it would be dangerous. left unchecked, evil flourishes, if we sit out syria, believe me, we will be facing every pressure down the road most likely with weapons of mass destruction terrorists doing the bidding of iran and other rogue nations. because of that continuing threat. killers like assad have to be confronted. like saddam he is a war criminal. unlike saddam he is in bed with iran and with a number of terrorist groups. so as long as is he in power, the middle east will be unstable. it certainly is true that nobody knows what will happen when assad goes. just like libya and egypt,
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chaos is likely. but talking points believes that if congress votes to support a limited military strike against syria, americans should rally behind that putting politics aside. if congress says no, however, president obama should not, should not launch an attack because that would create amazing chaos within america. we don't want that. it's not worst worth it. summing up, talking points believes assad did gas civilians that is he is a war criminal that allowing him to go unpunished will cause many more problems for america down the road. and i hope congress sees it that way. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in fox news analyst karl rove who joins us from austin, texas. run it down 10 to 7 vote to approve military action against syria today in the senate foreign relations committee. real quick, the votes yes mccain, flake corker, menendez, boxer, barbara boxer supporting her guy president obama.
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ben card democrat in maryland. shaheen new hampshire, coons. as liberal as they get supporting action. oh my god. and dick durbin. dick durbin supporting action. who would have thunk it and angus king knows some nos. marco rubio no. chris murphy, jim reesh, bob johnson, rand paul we knew that tom you uudoll how could you process it. >> this was the easiest vote senate relations committee between menendez and corker you had bipartisan effort president's resolution. you touched on tellerrier. the first and most important thing for the president to do is to convince the president and american people that there is a strategic american interest in taking action against saddam hussein. not simply a humanitarian or an international component but there is a strategic u.s. interest.
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and, you are right. the outcome in syria is either assad wins in which case hezbollah and iran and russia win or assad loses in which case iran, hezbollah, and russialess. if assad, iran, hezbollah, and russia win, then that changes the balance of power in the middle east against us. and if they lose, it advances it in our direction. >> bill: the argument for people and as you know you see the polls. many republicans and conservatives say okay, well, al qaeda operatives will take over the government. look what happened in egypt. worse people than assad. i don't think it could be worse than assad but they do will take over. so, even if we do downgrade assad and he loses the civil war, it's not going to be good for america. therefore, we should stay out of it completely. >> well, that's -- you touched on the second thing the president needs to do which is taking action will result in a better situation for us. look, the free syrian army and the free syrian opposition to it assad was
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more secular and western in orientation not islamist or jihaddist two years ago. since then, through the lack of action on the part of the united states, the elements of the free syrian army that are best trained and most organized are the al qaeda affiliates. and, but i find it hard to believe that they are dominated by foreign fighters. a lot of people, literally people from new zealand and libya, for example, talk about an odd combination. but the president has got to make the case that american policy and the policy of our allies in the region has got to be to set up a situation where assad goes. there is a better chance that the non-islamist. non-jihadist elements of the free syrian opposition will come to power. look, i find it hard to believe that syrian people are going to accept a terrorist organization that is dominated by foreign fighters as the source of their next government. i think that's unlikely. >> but you basically have in this country war weariness and we are awful understand that who wants another fiasco. and then you have a sip
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schism deep, deep, deep cynicism, particularly among conservatives that president obama is so inept that he can't do anything, that if you give him the authorization to go attack syria, even if it's short duration and even if it's just from the air, he will screw it up and, you know, it's not going to come out the way we want it to come out. because it's all speculative. the case i'm making and you are making that a weak america emboldens people down the road is a speculative case. i believe it firm live in my heart and that's why i'm behind it speculatively. >> >> that's not speculative. how the will suffer. if they they win. msnbc monthly do you favor military action or providing humanitarian assistance? only 26% chose military action. however, if you said should we have military action
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response to the use of chemical weapons, it goes to it 42% say yes. 50% say no. if you say okay, well what if we use cruise missiles and air strikes to go ever at units and the infrastructure responsible for the chemical weapons attacks it then goes to 50-44. here is the interesting one. the general principle, the use of chemical weapons is a red line which ought to cause a significant u.s. response including military ction. the general principle 58-35. i take the difference between 58-35 and lesser numbers to say the difference is the credibility gap of the president. the people don't trust him. i have been talking republican members of the house. >> that's the primary beef. >> they don't trust him. this gets to the third issue which is the president mitted to quote a shot across the bough as he said the other day or a pinprick or does he really want to make a difference? there will be greater support if there is a sense the administration understands that they need to pend the arc in the middle east towards our direction. the interesting thing is that we have got allies in
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the form of turkey, saudi arabia, the golf states, kuwait, jordan, which want us to do that. we also have in syria the absence of some things that made, for example, egypt problematic. there is no muslim brotherhood to step in with a nationwide political organization and more importantly a nationwide social service organization to stand itch and say pick us instead of assad or the more western oriented moderate opposition. we have got a chance here with the right policy to make a difference. >> bill: all right, mr. rogue. thanks as always. we have a brand new bill o'reilly dot come poll question for you. if congress does approve military action against syria, would you support it? yes or no. if congress passes military action against syria yes or no. bill o' next on the rundown military ax ha pass worked in the past. later dennis miller wants to opine about his pal putin. those reports upcoming. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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>> bill: continuing with lead story what to do with syria. you may remember that in 1999. he lost strikes against kosovo in that area. those are designed to punish the serbian government who were committing war crimes against civilians in the balkans. the air strikes lasted 78 days and do graded serbians to the point they were no longer to commit atrocities. he even bombed belgrade. went to kosovo to stay there to protect civilians. that force included 7,000 americans. watching all that unfold james carville advisor to mill clinton he joins us now from new orleans this is similar what the united states vision is against syria. so are you on board with the syrian campaign? >> i guess i would say i am but i completely understand why people would have great
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trepidation about this and great concern. but, in the end, i would support doing something about a guy using chemical weapons on his own people. but, i wish i was more hopeful about the ultimate outcome but i'm a little bit afraid. i will admit it. >> bill: how do you answer the question of critics is a that i oh, well, the united states allows these mass slaughters in africa. you know, they there are bad guys around the world slaughtering people all the time. the only difference is saddam -- assad used the gas. >> right. >> does that justify america's intervention just the gas? >> well, i think the gas is, -- i mean i think it was 1925, after the horrors of world war i and people do really recoil against the use of these chemical weapons. >> you can't do it. >> and for some reason, and i think i feel kind of the same way you are right. we can't stop every genocide and everything that happens. but gassing your own people seems to be something that
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people recoil against and there should be a price to pay for it that's why i think we need to do something. >> in kosovo i remember covering the story i'm sure you remember back then as well. there was the same kind of arguments that we should stay out of it, ethnic cleansing. but it kind of worked what we did. it was an air power war launched by nato. no u.n. did not sanction it. >> right. >> russia and iran opposed it. almost the same thing that we have now. >> a little bit but nato i think was t. was like article a. nato did but very much supported this and was very supportive of it. and honestly, it strikes me looking at it syria you are trying to unscramble an egg over there. it's really difficult but they have to do something. remember, in 1999, the last military action we had was a successful gulf war in 1991. what's really weighing on people's minds here is they look back and think of iraq fiasco and oh god here we go again. >> no doubt about it.
5:16 pm
>> you mention military and middle east in the same sentence people understandably freak out about it i really understand that. >> but i want everybody watching us tonight because i think we have had very good coverage last night and this evening so far. to understand that we're -- the people on both sides who oppose or who want this to happen, mccain and rubio opposes it. i'm sure they want what's best for america. i'm sure they do. and i think, you know, people disagree with me. not going to say you don't want what's best for america. you do. i think you have got to take emotion out of the equation. i see a lot of that emotion. barbara boxer for example, would never support an action against syria if mitt romney were present. never in a million years. the only reason she is doing it is to help obama. on the other side, you have republicans, ronald reagan if he were president, would get assad like that. he would. he would get assad. and you would have most conservatives line up against -- for ronald reagan. in support of ronald
5:17 pm
reagan. but the element here carville is that many people think that barack obama is incompetent. and he can't -- he can't do this. >> well, i will definitely -- handled the middle east pretty well so far. >> really? you really think so. >> yeah. have had revolutions in tunisia and egypt all across the place. again. >> libya a mess. iran is defiant. >> come on, look. when is all of this -- when was it not? i mean, gaddafi is gone. it is a mess, i agree with that it's a mess and we haven't lost any kids over there which says something and. >> i'm not sure that's a litmus test, it doesn't seem to be any clear vision on the part of president obama. he doesn't have -- here is what i want. he doesn't have that. >> he will with, you know, what i would say and maybe a little bit of a different view here. i think what really have freaking people out is the incompetence of the bush
5:18 pm
administration in iraq. >> bill: doesn't blame bush. of course, the iraq thing is why people have so much trepidation about going into syria. they said the last time we went over there, look what happened. >> i understand that point and it's all about weapons of mass destruction not being found. but you have got -- i think you have got to wrap your arms around the fact that there are simply a lot of americans who feel that the president has lost control of the process. it's very simple. he should say i want assad out of there. he is a war criminal. he is killing innocent people. i want him out. but you are never gonna hear those words. you are never going to hear them. >> are you going to send ground troops? are you going to give a speech. >> no i would do what clinton did in kosovo. i would bomb the living daylights out of them. degrade their army and air force and let the rebels finish them off. >> well, you are looking for a pretty broad involvement then. understand. >> no. >> you make a point i think people -- >> -- not involvement. just 30 days of american air power and that place is
5:19 pm
a puddle. >> 78 days in kosovo. >> bill: and we won. >> look. it may be the thing to do but you have got to understand. >> bill: kosovo is a little different. terrain is different. everything is different. 30 days should degrade assaad. >> i hope you are right. i would love to see this guy go. i hope you are right, bill. i really do. >> i'm glad to hear that, james. >> i really want you to be right on this one. >> bill: directly ahead a penetrating question swedish reporter from president obama today. what about that nobel peace prize, sir. later, is this michigan state teacher a nutty professor? wait until you hear what he told his class about republicans. and we are coming right back. color, and design. showing up where we least expect it. and taking inspiration from our wildest dreams. because kohler doesn't see the world in fixtures and faucets.
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tonight, president obama and swedish prime minister ryan feld held a joint press conference told in stockholm syria dominated. >> could you describe the dilemma to be a nobel peace prize winner and getting ready to attack syria? >> when i see hundred children subjected to gas, over 1400 innocent civilians dying senselessly, in an environment in which you already have tens of thousands dying, and we have the opportunity to take some action, that is meaning flg. >> bill: the president went on but did not directly address the reporter's question about the peace prize. joining us from washington is kate obenshain and democrat kirsten powers also a fox news analyst. should the president give back his peace prize powers. >> yeah. he should have given it back a long time ago, actually. for the drone war, for the escalating the war in afghanistan.
5:24 pm
having all these people die unnecessarily, plenty of civilians have been killed by his drone war, including children. so, i estimate 200 children being killed by the drone war. >> where did you get that fact? where did you get the 200. >> bureau of investigative journalism. >> who? >> bureau of investigative journalism. look it up, bill. >> bill: i will look it up. i'm interested how they source that out. >> i mean, there are lots of different people that do estimates on the number of people that are killed there. and i think that, you know, how many children would be enough for you? i don't know. five? would five be enough for you? >> bill: war is war and we are fighting war in afghanistan. >> wait, powers. please. you know every war in the history of mankind has resulted in collateral damage and civilian casualties. you have to know that because that's the fact. but now we have. >> first of all, i don't use the term collateral damage because they are human beings. >> bill: that's what war is. >> as human. i think that the war should actually be accomplishing
5:25 pm
something and i don't think that the drones were accomplishing anything. i know you love the drone war. >> i don't love any war but i understand that it's degraded al qaeda to the extent that they may not be able to kill you, powers. >> it's created more terrorists actually. >> bill: that's your opinion. >> it's the opinion of many military leaders, many international experts. >> yeah, okay. so we don't use drones against al qaeda and we just let them build their power and sanctuaries that makes a lot of sense. >> we don't create more terrorists. >> so you wouldn't go into syria, right? you are not going in? >> i wouldn't now, i would have probably in he wanted to do this earlier on. i don't quite understand this idea that now suddenly yes, chemical weapons are terrible, but 100,000 people have been killed. so, i don't understand why there is a moral imperative now but there wasn't a moral imperative a year agoing. >> bill: it is the -- how do you see, this kate? >> i didn't believe it but i think i agree with just about everything that kirsten said except the part about the drone
5:26 pm
warfare. >> come on over, kate. >> part about offending terrorists and we encourage them. that part i recoil. you know, i think right now there is just this mass confusion. you know, president obama basically won the election saying he didn't believe in military intervention unless there was imminent threat to our national security. and now he is saying oh, exset the red line of chemical warfare. he doesn't care if there is mass exeter nation of people by assad through neighborhoods and villages and towns. >> if you were president, kate, then your foreign policy would be to all the bad guys in the world. you can use sarin gas and you can use biological warfare. >> no. >> you can go ahead and do that just don't threaten america. if you want to threaten poland that's okay but don't threaten the u.s.a. >> i'm talking. >> listen to me. >> i'm talking but. >> do you know what my foreign policy would have been. >> bill: what? >> it would have been similar to ronald reagan's.
5:27 pm
>> bill: he would have use have got this guy. >> what ronald reagan would have done differently is to know what the consequences were going to be. right now what you are talking about and what a lot of people are talking about is throwing out assad and you know who is in seven out of nine of the factions against assad right now is al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood. >> mccain says that's bull. >> it's not bull. >> so, wait, wait. so you know more than mccain? you are better informed than mccain? >> mccain is not giving us the entire story. we know right now. >> mccain is lying and trying to deceive us. >> al qaeda forces have been trying for two decades to get chemical weapons so they can hurt americans and hurt israel. >> say whatever you want to say and read it off the internet and spit it out. but here is the key question. >> so everything mccain says. >> are you saying that john mccain, number one, doesn't know what he is talking about because he denied everything you just said and number two he is trying to deceive the american
5:28 pm
people? is that what you are saying? >> i'm saying that he and others are under estimating the threat of opponents to assad. they are underestimating. will he they are saying let's go in there and attack assad and get him out of the way because of the chemical attacks are horrid. >> you know more than he does. >> i'm saying is under stating bill initemly to it. >> has john mccain ever been wrong about anything, bill. >> sure, he has been wrong about stuff. spouting off about al qaeda this, al qaeda that. >> i'm not spouting off about something. it's known that al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood has tithes. -- ties. >> i have got to stop it's been a pleasure to talk with both of you tonight. [ laughter ] plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller has some thoughts on syria. can't wait. also on tim tebow getting cut by the new england patriots. and a far left michigan state professor apparently browbeating his students with nutty political rhetoric. we have undercover tape of what he said.
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5:33 pm
aids won't say so publicly. the smart money here in town holds that yes, kerry was stunned as all of president obama's national security team were by this sudden reversal of position and his decision to go seek congressional authorization for strikes in syria. it came as a complete surprise to john kerry and a lot of people here in town believe that what president obama effectively did, bill, was he traded on kerry's reputation, his kind of position temperature as a kind of person of stuffy rectitude and also his stature as the anti-george w. bush from 2004. in order to make the case for swift military action and then suddenly pull the rug out from under him. kerry was asked on all the sunday shows do you feel undermined and of course he was good about saying no he didn't. >> he wants to keep his job. you didn't say yes i feel undermind you won't be able to work for the president. kerry knows his stuff. you like him or not or whatever. but you would say that as a secretary of state i feel much more comfortable with him in that job than
5:34 pm
hillary clinton, for example, busy think kerry knows the history. is he a wonky guy. right? >> he has been around the world. he has traveled widely since he was in his teens. i traveled with him in march. he met with some 40 leaders of those 39 he had previously known. but it was clear even on that trip, bill, that it was taking some adjustment for john kerry to find himself as somebody else's cabinet member. about halfway through the trip, sudden lynn and very abruptly every pronouncement by john kerry each stop along the way in the middle east he started to say use almost every seventh word the president has directed me, it is the president's policy. what the president believes. it was as if he had been reigned in by the white house and said told for instance you are not out there refree-lancing you are representing president obama. he has been very careful about that. >> bill: do you think that's what's happened. >> that was the consensus of the reporters traveling. change was so abrupt it
5:35 pm
seemed he had been rebuked in some sense. >> i kind of from the outside looking in believe that president obama did sandbag kerry a bit. certainly they sent him out there and they were putting their finger to the wind can he convince people real quickly in the answer was no, he couldn't. and so that obama backtracked how much he told kerr yes was going to do that, i don't know. but the reason i asked you about the wonky stuff is that we have john mccain on one side. john kerr i don't know 00 other. two opposite men, correct you? can't get more opposite than they are. both very very knowledgeable about the world. they both say the same thing that you have got to get rid of this assad or it's going to weaken the united states. you hear powers and obenshain and a whole bunch of other people that's a bunch of crap they don't know what they are talking about. if they don't know what they are talking about. then this country is in serious, serious trouble. >> well, you your way with the ladies in that segment was very much- >> bill: that's just a gift that i have. >> we're all the better for it but i think that you saw a number of republicans vote no to this resolution
5:36 pm
for. >> bill: yes. >> that's not to say that every one of those who voted no is saying that john mccain doesn't know what he is talking about. mccain only voted yes after he was successful in getting some language into the resolution that he was pushing for to the effect that. >> tougher approach. >> one of the goals of the mission should be be to shift the momentum on the battleground for the syrian rebels. >> okay. all right. quite a mess. and we appreciate it, james. thanks very much for coming on this evening. >> thank you, bill. >> when we come right back, it will be miller time. d man wants to talk about syria, tim tebow. miller is next. and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter. ♪ so today, i'm finally talking to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, the d man has been covering syria on the syndicated radio program. lively debate, of course, the sage of southern california joins us now from santa it barbara. what's your take on it and what are the listeners saying to you? >> um, my take is that it's just nice to see eric holder get a week off from being it takes a village guy. because kerry suspect there this week. and you know something? lurch makes steadman look bike so socrates latter day
5:41 pm
jingas khan is tootoo delicious. all i know about whatever we do with syria is we have got to stop talking about it the first rule of fight club is fight club. is to not talk about fight club. and we're now in the business of sending out save the date memos for when we are going to attack. listen, we have got to -- we are the justice load stone in this universe. and when we wobble, the whole thing starts to wobble. and nobody over there is scared of us anymore. therefore, i have a three prong program that i would institute. first off, i would have something called the mideast secret santa. where everybody has somebody they correspond to and if the one person acts up, the other person gets blown up. now, this would, for instance, syria acts up and libya gets blown up. they are all on their best behavior cautioning each other not to go there because nobody knows who their secret santa is. secondly i would like
5:42 pm
benjamin netanyahu effort operation b.b. and the jets. i would let him make the call since he lives in the craziest culled sack on the earth. thirdly i would bring asass assassination back to it couple of sequels to darr 30. it wouldn't be that hard it he doesn't have a chin to begin with then if they took the al qaeda guy from the rubbles and put him in blow his head off too. i would keep blowing heads off until they got the right guy and got the message. lastly all presidential press conferences i would have dick cheney lurking around in the background. >> bill: cheney has got to be supporting assad out of there, though. he has got to be doing. i will that i can some calls tomorrow and we will get a cheney. >> all right. lastly, when the president does do whatever he does, you know they better roll out the mission accomplished banner and, you know, steam the creases out of it because is he going to be dancing on their graves. just like any president would. this is why you don't jump on bush when he has got
5:43 pm
this crap scenario in front of him because you are going to have that crap sandwich. >> bill: that's right. they all have to go through this crazy business. >> we will wait until congress gets back. call said and marty crof and see what the banana split puppets think we should do those morons. >> bill: they will be back miller next week just in time for you. >> da'da da'da, da'da da'da, da'da da'da. >> bill: you really want to waste time and not get into putin and the walrus? k078 on. >> let's get to putin. show the picture. let's get to putin. >> he we got him. [ laughter ] that is the greatest thing ever. cuckoo can can cachoo. message he knows is he going to run against christie or hillary. i think he is telling us he
5:44 pm
knows it might who might be the next president. there he is with his anthony weiner thing. nobody makes porn wildlife more than this guy. >> bill: knew if he didn't put the shirt on the walruses would never show up. >> you remember mission impossible 2 when repelled under right nipple that was tom cruise. >> i missed that movie unfortunately. >> came out from the under hang. cut by the new england patriots. feel bad for him. tebow is a good guy. you say? >> got an honest bounce this time. he is with the best donor, he is the the with the best coach studying under the best quarterback. now i think he looks shaky, ironically throwing every lawn passe into a hell mary. i would turn this country over tomorrow to an older version of tim tebow wouldn't turn the patriots offense. time to do god's work, brother. i didn't think the jets gave you a good tumble. i like john fox moderated
5:45 pm
agile thinking. you knew non-purist quarterback. this was the time he got the actual bounce. it looked shaky to me. if he doesn't want to do the cfl time to move on and save the world. >> i think the patriots may bring him back, yeah. >> well, mr. craft is is a sweet man. and i think he likes good karma and i don't think the coach operates like that. i think the coach is a stone killer. but i do think mr. craft realizes that in a world gone mad you can do worse than have a cat like tim tebow in your life. >> bill: the players like him. is he a good guy. all right, dennis miller, everybody. there he is just a reminder, there are just 100 tickets left to see me and miller in jacksonville, florida october 12th. if you don't want to pay a scalper go to bill o' for details. did you see that on deck? michigan state and far left professor. wait until you hear what this guy told his class. right back with that. ..
5:46 pm
.. ..
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that we begin with professor william penn who teaches english at michigan state university the spartans. in his first class semester penn said this. >> republican old people dead skin cells. they are cheap. they don't want to pay taxes and not everything they could. they don't want to pay for your tuition. who are you? majority of country anymore. a bunch of dead white people or dying white people. parents of republicans forgive me. they won't. i don't care. even if you are a republican, i don't mean to offend you in this class. outside of class is a different matter. >> bill: that seems to be worth of tuition, doesn't it? the student to who taped that wants to remain anonymous but he might be
5:50 pm
here tomorrow. we might be getting this guy in tomorrow. here now to explain further juliet huddy. so that, you had professors like that, right? republicans are dead or they are dead white people. >> typically they were political science professors.typical ly politicc teachers. >> his english was not that great in that little rant. >> this is a nine minute tape. like bizarre watching this whole thing unfield. you could see people in the audience not sure if he was joking or seriously going after republicans like this. he kept getting weirder and weirder and went after ann romney of all people. >> what does the university do about this? >> the university is looking into it. >> looking into it. >> this is not the first time. >> he's a loan. do you know if he has tenure? i should have looked that up? i don't know if he has tenure. we tried to find out what his story was and the university doesn't have his information handy. >> they're looking into it.
5:51 pm
>> i tried to call him but he didn't call me back. >> he didn't call you back, huddy? now, we're in serious trouble. we will follow this story and see if michigan state says maybe that's inappropriate in english class. know this guy, kanye west? >> i do. >> he's a little guy. he only came up to my navel. >> you're like 6'10". >> i'm a giant. >> he goes to kazakhstan, it's a mu man violation place, they don't gas babies but slap them around. he goes there for about 700,000 bucks. roll the tape. ♪ [ bleep ]. >> a correction for that great work of art he made 3 million
5:52 pm
bucks, well worth it, kanye t t test. and it was held throat hotel royal tulip. what's your thoughts with a guy going in to entertain human rights violators. >> anybody who says he didn't have any idea is crazy. >> remember, it is kanye west. >> they pay pr people. >> that would mean he would have to listen to them. >> he will get his $3 million. you love j.lo. she has performed -- >> i have no feeling about j.lo one way or another. she went over there to do it and so did beyonce. >> people that perform for these dictators -- >> it's always a controversy but this guy goes over and takes the $3 million. there's the dictator, looks like a nice guy. all i know is kanye west has a
5:53 pm
big mouth, always spouting off about this. you know, kanye, i think assad might have a gig for you. go sing your little rap song for him. >> your little rap song. he is a respected rapper. >> i'll put him right next to my perry cuomo records. talk about dead guys. juli juliet, i rattled her with my perry cuomo records. tip of the day starring mary tyler moore. ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires screech ] ♪ and your favorite songs always playing. [ beeping ] ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. [ beeping ] ♪ may things always go your way.
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so for on o' more than 10,000 orders, i sign them for you and i do sign them myself and that takes time. thanks for your talking points memo reminding the nation of the nobility we have earned. the united states is not just a country, it's an ideal. >> the nobility of this nation was squandered long ago by the obama administration. chicago, excellent talking points. nobility is what separates america from the rest off the world. i came to this country from chile in part because of that value. >> o'reilly, i agree with your talking points the usa is the last stand against evil. but i do not support action against syria because i do not trust president obama. john barros, long valley, new jersey, your talking points was the best and most important ever. it is interesting that so many conservatives and liberals have flipped over national intervention exposing alegant to party over country. >> i don't think that's always
5:57 pm
the case, personal. liberals defending the white house, barbara boxer, conservatives despising him. pointing to president reagan in powers no doubt he would punish assad. if president reagan looked at assad and said, don't you use gas or you will pay a price and he did, reagan would have gone right in. new providence, new jersey, your memo was lovely in theory. but as the mother of a soldier i do not want my son to put his life on the line to save face for an incompetent president. >> excellent talking points. america is noble and these pictures of dead children are painful to see. we must be swift and strong if we attack. >> i agree. >> talking points is all hot air and false statements. back it up, james. back it up. your e-mail attacks me but provides nothing else. nothing. that's because you don't have anything else other than irrational raves.
5:58 pm
dr. ray mccracken, melbourne, australia, iraq was in response to 9/11. what's syria in response to? war crimes doctrine? scotland. o'reilly, you are right regarding syria, i am ashimed of of -- ashamed of my country for not standing up. go to o' and message boards, very fascinating how this debate is evolving in a way. i'm reading message boards every night. mechanicsburg, pennsylvania, after donating to to help the wounded vets we received our replica picture of the five. >> thank you. i don't watch much television because i am otherwise occupied, lots of homework connected with this program. tonight, i will watch, first at 9:00 eastern time, timeline of terror chronicling the day we
5:59 pm
attacked on 9/11. compelling new stuff and then the reunion of mary tyler moore women on hot in cleveland. >> here they are, the sweetest most beautiful loveliest girls i've ever worked with. >> this is awkward. >> all right. the tip of the day, mary tyler moore, that show, one of the best of all time. it's nice to see the ladies back. you know. i really liked that show. all the performers were brilliant. that is it for us tonight. please economic outs t-- please check out the fox news website, different from o' o'reilly at fox nus name and town, name and town. if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not vil aavd
6:00 pm
when writing to us. thanks for watching us tonight. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil despicable acts of terror. well, it was a gorgeous day. the president


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